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We are a fully qualified Visa and MasterCard merchant and thus process your purchase directly. There are no fees for using your credit card and your order is sent immediately upon authorization. Your credit card is charged in U.S. Dollars; if your credit card statement is in a different currency, your credit card company does the currency conversion; their currency rates are usually the best that you can possibly get.

Your information will be kept on file in case you wish to use your credit card in the future. If your information is already on file, you can send a normal email with instructions.

Your information will be sent to our special secure web site using the best available encryption technology. Your information is PRIVATE. I do not share or sell your information to anybody for any reason.
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You will receive a confirmation that your information has been sent. However, this confirmation will not include any credit card information.

If you have any concern that you may have sent the wrong credit card number, etc., you may always resubmit the information and make an appropriate comment.

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to call or email.

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